SRP over Infiniband worksheet

You can use this worksheet to record SRP over Infiniband storage configuration information. You need this information to perform provisioning tasks.

SRP over Infiniband: Host identifiers

Note: The initiator GUIDs are determined in the task, Determining host port GUIDs and making the recommended settings.
Callout No. Host (initiator) port connections GUID
1 Host not applicable
3 Switch not applicable
4 Target (storage array) not applicable
2 Host port 1 to IB switch 1 ("A" path)  
5 Host port 2 to IB switch 2 ("B" path)  

SRP over Infiniband: Recommended configuration

Recommended configurations consist of two initiator ports and four target ports.

SRP over Infiniband: Mapping host name

Note: The mapping host name is created during the workflow.
Mapping host name  
Host OS type