Apply additional encryption to passwords

For the highest level of security, you can apply additional encryption to passwords using the existing SHA256 password encoding.

About this task

This additional encryption process applies a random set of bytes to each password (salt) for each SHA256 hash encryption. Salted SHA256 encryption is applied to all newly created passwords.


  1. Open the file, located at:
    • (Windows) – C:\Program Files\NetApp\SANtricity Web Services Proxy\data\config
    • (Linux) – /opt/netapp/santricity_web_services_proxy/data/config
  2. Re-enter the encrypted password as plain text.
  3. Run the securepasswds command line utility to re-encrypt the password or simply restart the Web Services Proxy. This utility is installed in the root install directory for the Web Services Proxy.
    Note: Alternatively, you can salt and hash local user passwords whenever password edits are performed through the Unified Manager.