Testing the management node settings

After you change management and network settings for the management node and commit the changes, you can run tests to validate the changes you made.

Before you begin

You are logged in to the management node per-node UI (https://[mNode IP address]:442) using the management node admin credentials.


  1. In the management node user interface, click System Tests.
  2. Run any of the following:
    • To verify that the network settings you configured are valid for the system, click Test Network Config.
    • To test network connectivity to all nodes in the cluster on both 1G and 10G interfaces using ICMP packets, click Test Ping.
    The following additional options can also be defined:

    Specify a comma-separated list of addresses or host names of devices to ping.


    Specify the number of times the system should repeat the test ping. Default: 5.

    Packet Size

    Specify the number of bytes to send in the ICMP packet that is sent to each IP. The number of bytes must be less than the maximum MTU specified in the network configuration.

    Timeout mSec

    Specify the number of milliseconds to wait for each individual ping response. Default: 500 ms.

    Total Timeout Sec
    Specify the time in seconds the ping should wait for a system response before issuing the next ping attempt or ending the process. Default: 5.
    Prohibit Fragmentation

    Enable the DF (do not fragment) flag for the ICMP packets.