Configuring File Services powered by ONTAP

If you enabled File Services powered by ONTAP with your system, the deployment process created and provisioned a single-node ONTAP Select instance with one or more datastores based on the capacity of the ONTAP Select license. ONTAP Select has already been configured with a connection to the datastores, which resides on the NetApp HCI storage cluster. You need to configure ONTAP Select before you can use the file services.

About this task

Note that ONTAP volume encryption is disabled in ONTAP Select when deployed with NetApp HCI.

The iSCSI protocol is not supported in ONTAP Select when deployed with NetApp HCI, and is not needed to access the underlying NetApp HCI storage volume.

See the NetApp HCI File Services Powered by ONTAP Select Quick Start Guide and the OnCommand System Manager Help for more information about the steps needed to configure file services for production use.


  1. Browse to the IP address of the ONTAP Select virtual machine.
    You can find the IP address by viewing the properties of the ONTAP Select virtual machine in vCenter.
  2. Log in to OnCommand System Manager using admin as the user name and the password you configured during the deployment process.
  3. Optional: Modify network adapter configuration, if needed.
  4. Create one or more aggregates.
  5. Create one or more storage virtual machines (SVMs).
  6. Create one or more shares.
  7. Configure the desired file protocols for the new shares.