Supported networking changes

After you deploy NetApp HCI, you can make limited changes to the default networking configuration. However, certain settings are required for smooth operation and proper network detection. Changing these settings will cause unexpected behavior, and might prevent you from expanding compute and storage resources.

After you deploy your system, you can make the following changes to the default network configuration in VMware vSphere as dictated by your network requirements:
NetApp HCI requires that the following vmk to vmnic interface mappings be in place.
Physical interface VSS six-cable compute virtual interfaces VDS six-cable compute virtual interfaces VDS two-cable compute virtual interfaces
Management interface vmk0: vmnic2, vmnic3 vmk0: vmnic2, vmnic3 vmk0: vmnic1, vmnic5
vMotion interface vmk1: vmnic0, vmnic4 vmk3: vmnic0, vmnic4 vmk3: vmnic1, vmnic5
iSCSI-A interface vmk2: vmnic1 vmk1: vmnic5 vmk1: vmnic1
iSCSI-B interface vmk3: vmnic5 vmk2: vmnic1 vmk2: vmnic5