Selecting inventory

On the Inventory page, the NetApp Deployment Engine automatically detects available compute and storage nodes, enabling you to select and add all NetApp HCI resources to the deployment.

About this task

The storage node that is hosting the NetApp Deployment Engine is automatically selected, and cannot be deselected. If a node does not meet the requirements for deployment, it is not selectable and problems are indicated in red. You can position your cursor over the error to see an explanation.

Note: If no nodes or only a subset of nodes appear in the inventory, verify that the switch ports used for NetApp HCI nodes (all SFP+/SFP28 interfaces) are configured with jumbo frames.
Compute nodes must meet the following requirements to be selectable as inventory:
  • The CPU generations in all compute nodes must match for proper VMware vMotion functionality. After you select a compute node from the inventory, you cannot select compute nodes with different CPU generations.
  • You cannot intermix compute nodes with GPU-enabled compute nodes in the same cluster. If you select a GPU-enabled compute node, CPU-only compute nodes become unselectable, and vice versa.
  • The software version running on the compute node must match the major and minor version of the NetApp Deployment Engine hosting the deployment. If this is not the case, you need to reimage the compute node using the RTFI process. See the NetApp Knowledgebase articles regarding RTFI for instructions.
  • The compute node must have the cabling configuration you selected on the Network Topology page to be selectable in the Compute Nodes list.
Note: Depending on node hardware configuration, H410S storage nodes might appear in the inventory list labeled as H300S, H500S, or H700S storage nodes.


  1. On the Inventory page, view the list of available nodes.

    If the system cannot detect any inventory, it displays an error. Correct the error before continuing.

    If your system uses DHCP for IP address assignment, the storage and compute resources might not appear in the inventory immediately.

  2. Optional: If a resource does not appear in the inventory immediately, or if you address an error and need to refresh the inventory, click Refresh Inventory. You might need to refresh the inventory multiple times.
  3. Optional: To filter the inventory on node attributes, such as node type:
    1. Click Filter in the header of the Compute Nodes or Storage Nodes lists.
    2. Choose criteria from the drop-down lists.
    3. Below the drop-down lists, enter information to satisfy the criteria.
    4. Click Add Filter.
    5. Clear individual filters by clicking X next to an active filter, or clear all filters by clicking X above the list of filters.
  4. Select all compute nodes that shipped with your system from the Compute Nodes list.
    You need to select at least two compute nodes to proceed with deployment.
  5. Select all storage nodes that shipped with your system from the Storage Nodes list.
    You need to select at least four storage nodes to proceed with deployment.
  6. Optional: If a storage node selection box is flagged, that storage node exceeds 33% of the total storage cluster capacity. Perform one of the following steps:
    • Clear the selection box for the flagged storage node.
    • Select additional storage nodes to more equally distribute the storage cluster capacity between nodes.
  7. Click Continue.