Creating Kubernetes clusters

After you enable cloud services, you can create Kubernetes workload clusters using the NetApp Kubernetes Service. You want to create clusters on which you can later place application workloads, including pre-designed or your own applications.

About this task

You create Kubernetes clusters, add them to a workspace, create a project within that workspace, and later add a solution to the project.


  1. From NetApp Cloud Central, select Products > NetApp Kubernetes Service.
  2. Log in using your Cloud Central credentials.
  3. Click Organizations Trident icon and choose your organization.
  4. Click Control Plane.
    NetApp Kubernetes Service Clusters page blank
  5. Click Add Cluster.
    A list of providers appears, including NetApp HCI.
    NKS providers image
  6. Choose NetApp HCI as the provider.

    NKS Configure Provider image
  7. Configure your provider. Select the region, the workspace in which the cluster will be located, and SSH key pair for the cluster.
  8. To edit any of the default values for the cluster nodes, click Edit and customize the number, size, and disk space allotted to the cluster nodes. If there is more than one NetApp HCI installation in the organization, you can select additional systems.
  9. Click Submit to configure your cluster.
  10. Configure your Kubernetes cluster by entering the cluster name and typically by using the default settings.
  11. Click Submit.
    The NetApp Kubernetes Service creates the Kubernetes cluster and displays it on the Clusters page.

After you finish

Next, create a project within the workspace you specified when creating the cluster so that you can later add applications or solutions to the project.