Joining an existing VMware vSphere deployment

Configure NetApp HCI to take advantage of an existing vSphere deployment by providing the vCenter Server network information and credentials.

Before you begin

About this task

  • When you join an existing vSphere deployment, NetApp HCI does not configure a vSphere Distributed Switch during deployment. This is to avoid interfering with any existing distributed switch configurations.
  • If you join multiple vCenter Server systems that are connected using vCenter Linked Mode, NetApp HCI only recognizes one of the vCenter Server systems.


  1. Click Join and extend an existing vSphere deployment.
  2. Enter the domain name or IP address in the vCenter Server Domain Name or IP address field.
    If you enter a domain name, you also need to enter the IP address of an active DNS server in the DNS Server IP Address field that appears.
  3. Enter the credentials of a vSphere administrator in the User Name and Password fields.
  4. Click Continue.