Updating management services

NetApp provides periodic updates to the management functionality that is deployed as part of NetApp HCI. After deployment, you can check for and update to the latest management services using the NetApp Deployment Engine. This is a one-time procedure that enables NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control functionality on NetApp HCI.


  1. Open a web browser on a computer that can reach the management network and browse to the management IP address of a storage node. For example:
  2. Click Update Services.
  3. Optional: If an Authentication Required dialog box appears:
    1. Enter the management node IP address and NetApp HCI storage cluster credentials.
    2. Click Update.
      The system attempts to communicate with the management node. If an error appears, your browser does not trust the management node SSL certificate. Follow the instructions in the error message, accept the SSL certificate, and try the update again. If authentication is successful, the dialog closes and the update begins.
  4. After a successful update, click Launch NetApp HCI to open NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control, the NetApp HCI management application.