Expanding your NetApp HCI installation

After deployment, you can expand NetApp HCI storage and compute resources either separately or at the same time. After installing the node in the NetApp HCI chassis, you use NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control to configure NetApp HCI to utilize the new resources. NetApp HCI detects the existing network configuration and offers you configuration options within the existing networks and VLANs, if any.

Note that NetApp HCI uses VMware Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) to ensure vMotion functionality when there are compute nodes with different CPU generations in the vSphere cluster. When EVC is required for expansion, NetApp HCI enables it automatically whenever possible. In the following situations, you might need to manually change EVC settings in the vSphere client to complete expansion:

If you install a new vCenter Server, you can install a vSphere standard switch or a vSphere distributed switch (VDS) during network configuration. A VDS enables a simplified, centralized management of virtual machine network configuration after NetApp HCI deployment.