Checking the installed version of HealthTools on dark sites

For management nodes isolated from external Internet access, the verification check for the latest version of the HealthTools always fails. You must manually verify if the latest version available is the same as the installed version.

Before you begin


  1. Log in to the NetApp Support Site to download the latest HealthTools software.
  2. Download a JSON file from the NetApp Support Site on a computer that is not the management node and rename it to metadata.json.
  3. Run the sfupdate-healthtools command:
    sfupdate-healthtools <path-to-healthtools-package>
  4. Run the sfupdate-healthtools -v command to check the installed version:
    sfupdate-healthtools -v
  5. Run the sfupdate-healthtools -l command to check the latest version against the metadata json file:
    sfupdate-healthtools -l --metadata=<path-to-metadata-json>
    sfupdate-healthtools -l --metadata=/tmp/metadata.json