Reviewing and deploying the configuration

You can review the information you provided before beginning deployment. You can also correct any incorrect or incomplete information before you proceed.

About this task

Note: During deployment, the management node installation process creates volumes with names beginning with NetApp-HCI- in the Element storage cluster, and a SolidFire account beginning with the name "tenant_". Do not delete these volumes or accounts; doing so will cause a loss in management functionality.


  1. Optional: Click the Export all installation information to CSV file icon to download installation information in CSV format.
    You can save this file and refer to it later for configuration information.
  2. Expand each section and review the information. To expand all sections at once, click Expand All.
  3. Optional: To make changes to information in any displayed section:
    1. Click Edit in the corresponding section.
    2. Make the necessary changes.
    3. Click Continue until you reach the Review page. Your previous settings are saved on each page.
    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to make any other necessary changes.
  4. If you do not want to send cluster statistics and support information to NetApp-hosted SolidFire Active IQ servers, clear the final checkbox.
    This disables real-time health and diagnostic monitoring for NetApp HCI. Disabling this feature removes the ability for NetApp to proactively support and monitor NetApp HCI to detect and resolve problems before production is affected.
  5. If all information is correct, click Start Deployment.
    A dialog box appears. In the event of network connectivity issues or power loss during the final setup process, or if your browser session is lost, you can copy the URL displayed in the dialog and use it to browse to the final setup progress page.
  6. Review the information in the dialog and click Copy to Clipboard to copy the URL to your clipboard.
  7. Save the URL to a text file on your computer.
  8. When you are ready to proceed with deployment, click OK.
    Deployment begins and a progress page is displayed. Do not close the browser window or navigate away from the progress page until deployment is complete. If your browser session is lost for any reason, you can browse to the URL you copied earlier (and accept any security warnings that appear) to regain access to the final setup progress page.
    Note: If the deployment fails, save any error message text and contact NetApp Support.

After you finish

  • Ensure that you can use the NetApp HCI management application by updating management services.
  • Begin using NetApp HCI by clicking Launch vSphere.
    Note: For NetApp HCI installations using vSphere 6.7, this link launches the HTML5 vSphere web interface. For installations using vSphere 6.5, this link launches the Adobe Flash vSphere web interface.