Upgrading the entire NetApp HCI installation

You can keep the entire NetApp HCI installation up-to-date after deployment by upgrading individual NetApp HCI software components. These components include management services, management node, Element software, firmware, drivers, and the Element Plug-in for vCenter Server.

About this task

This process describes the recommended sequence for upgrading your NetApp HCI installation. Some tasks might not be required, depending on your configuration.


  1. (For upgrades from management node 10.x only) If you have a management node 10.x, migrate your configuration to management node 11.1.
  2. Upgrade your Element software version to 11.5.
  3. Upgrade your management node to version 11.5.
  4. (If not already completed as prerequisite in step 3) Update management services from Hybrid Cloud Control.
  5. Update your compute node firmware.
  6. Update your compute node drivers.