Updating compute node drivers

For any H-Series compute node, you can update the drivers used on the nodes using VMware Update Manager.

Before you begin

See the firmware and driver matrix for your hardware in NetApp KB article 1088658 (login required).

About this task

Only perform one of these update operations at a time.


  1. Browse to the NetApp HCI software downloads page and click the download link for correct version of NetApp HCI.
  2. Accept the End User License Agreement.
  3. Under the Driver Packages for VMWare ESXi heading, download the driver package for your node type and ESXi version.
  4. Extract the downloaded driver bundle on your local computer.
    Note: The NetApp driver bundle includes one or more VMware Offline Bundle ZIP files; do not extract these ZIP files.
  5. After upgrading the firmware on the compute nodes, go to VMware Update Manager in vCenter.
  6. Import the driver offline bundle file for the compute nodes into the Patch Repository.
  7. Create a new host baseline for the compute node.
  8. Choose Host Extension for Name and Type and select all imported driver packages to be included in the new baseline.
  9. In the Host and Clusters menu in vCenter, select the cluster with the compute nodes you would like to update and navigate to the Update Manager tab.
  10. Click Remediate and the select the newly created host baseline. Ensure that drivers included in the baseline are selected.
  11. Proceed through the wizard to the Host Remediation Options and ensure that the Do Not Change VM Power State option is selected to keep virtual machines online during the driver update.
    Note: If VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) is enabled on the cluster (this is the default in NetApp HCI installations), virtual machines will automatically be migrated to other nodes in the cluster.
  12. Proceed to the Ready to Complete page in the wizard and click Finish.
    The drivers for all compute nodes in the cluster are update one node at a time while virtual machines stay online.