Configuring a new VMware vSphere environment

You can deploy a new vSphere environment as part of the NetApp HCI installation process by providing some of the network information that vSphere should use. Note that if you configure vSphere using an IP address, the address cannot be changed after installation.

Before you begin

You have obtained the network information for the planned vSphere environment.


  1. Click Configure a new vSphere deployment.
  2. Select which version of vSphere the system should install during deployment.
  3. Configure the new vSphere environment using one of the following options:
    Option Steps
    Use a domain name (recommended).
    1. Click Configure Using a Fully Qualified Domain Name.
    2. Enter the vCenter Server domain name in the vCenter Server Fully Qualified Domain Name field.
    3. Enter the DNS server IP address in the DNS Server IP Address field.
    4. Click Continue.
    Use an IP address.
    1. Click Configure Using an IP Address.
    2. Click Continue.