Upgrading Element software at dark sites

You must use the HealthTools suite of tools to update NetApp Element software at a dark site.

Before you begin

Before you upgrade Element software, check upgrade path information for the Element version you are upgrading to and verify that the upgrade path is valid.


  1. For NetApp HCI systems, go to the NetApp HCI software download page. For standalone SolidFire storage systems, go to the Element software download page.
  2. Select the correct software release and download the latest storage node image to a computer that is not the management node.
  3. Download a JSON file from the NetApp Support Site on a computer that is not the management node and rename it to metadata.json.
  4. Copy the ISO file to the management node in an accessible location like /tmp.
    You can do this using, for example, SCP. When you upload the ISO file, make sure that the name of the file does not change, otherwise later steps will fail.
  5. Run the sfupdate-healthtools command:
    sfupdate-healthtools <path-to-healthtools-package>
  6. Run the sfupdate-healthtools -v command to check the installed version:
    sfupdate-healthtools -v
  7. Run the sfupdate-healthtools -l command to check the latest version against the metadata json file:
    sfupdate-healthtools -l --metadata=<path-to-metadata-json>
  8. Run the sfupgradecheck command to ensure that the cluster is ready:
    sudo sfupgradecheck -u <cluster_username> -p <cluster_password> MVIP --metadata=<path-to-metadata-json>
  9. Run the sfinstall command with the path to the ISO file and the metadata json file: sfinstall -u <cluster_username> -p <cluster_password> <MVIP> <path-to-install-file-ISO> --metadata=<path-to-metadata-json-file>
    See the following sample input command:
    sfinstall -u admin -p admin  /tmp/solidfire-rtfi- --metadata=/tmp/metadata.json 
    Note: (Optional) You can add the --stage flag to the sfinstall command to pre-stage the upgrade in advance. See Upgrading Element software for details about staging.