What happens when an upgrade fails

In the case of a software upgrade failure, you can pause the upgrade.

Attention: You should only pause an upgrade with Ctrl-C. This allows the system to clean itself up.
When sfinstall waits for cluster faults to clear and if any failure causes the faults to remain, sfinstall will not proceed to the next node.
  • You should stop sfinstall with Ctrl+C.
  • Contact NetApp Support to assist with the failure investigation.
  • Resume the upgrade with the same sfinstall command.
When an upgrade is paused using Ctrl+C, if the upgrade is currently upgrading a node, you will see a list of options:
Allow the currently upgrading node to finish before resetting the cluster constants.
Continue the upgrade, which cancels the pause.
Reset the cluster constants and abort the upgrade immediately. 
Note: Aborting the cluster upgrade while a node is being updated might result in the drives being ungracefully removed from the node. If the drives are ungracefully removed, adding the drives back during an upgrade will require manual intervention by NetApp Support. The node might be taking longer to do firmware updates or post-update syncing activities. If the upgrade progress seems stalled, please contact NetApp Support for assistance.