Node details

You can view a list of the nodes in the cluster on the Nodes page of the Cluster tab from the NetApp Element Management extension point. You must select Active view to see the list of active nodes. You can change the view by selecting Pending, PendingActive, and All options using the drop-down filter.

Node ID
System-generated ID for the node.
Node Name
The system-generated or administrator-assigned node name.
Node State
The status of the node.

Possible values:

  • Active: The node is an active member of a cluster and cannot be added to another cluster.
  • Pending: The node is pending for a specific named cluster and can be added.
  • PendingActive: The node is currently being returned to the factory software image, and is not yet an active member of a cluster. When complete, it will transition to the Active state.
Available 4k IOPS
Displays the IOPS configured for the node.
Node Role
Identifies what role the node has in the cluster. The node can be a cluster master, ensemble member, or a Fibre Channel node.
Node Type
Displays the model type of the node.
Active Drives
Number of active drives in the node.
Management IP
Management IP (MIP) address assigned to node for 1GbE or 10GbE network admin tasks.
Storage IP
Storage IP (SIP) address assigned to the node used for iSCSI network discovery and all data network traffic.
Management VLAN ID
The virtual ID for the management local area network.
Storage VLAN
The virtual ID for the storage local area network.
Version of NetApp Element software running on each node.