Deleting volumes

You can delete one or more volumes from a NetApp Element cluster using the NetApp Element Management extension point.

About this task

The system does not immediately purge a deleted volume. A deleted volume can be restored for approximately eight hours. You can restore a volume before the system purges it or manually purge the volume from the Deleted view in Management > Volumes. When you restore a volume, it comes back online and iSCSI connections are restored.

Attention: If a volume used to create a snapshot is deleted, its associated snapshots are listed in the Inactive view on the Protection > Snapshots page. When the deleted source volumes are purged, the snapshots in Inactive view are also removed from the system.


  1. Select NetApp Element Management > Management.
    Note: If two or more clusters are added, ensure that the cluster you intend to use for the task is selected in the navigation bar.
  2. Click the Volumes sub-tab.
  3. Delete one or more volumes:
    1. From the Active view, select the check box for each volume you want to delete.
    2. Click Actions.
    3. In the resulting menu, click Delete.
      Note: The plug-in does not allow a volume with a datastore to be deleted.
    4. Confirm the action.
      The system moves the volume from the Active view to the Deleted view in the Volumes page.