Protocol endpoints

VMware ESXi hosts use logical I/O proxies known as protocol endpoints to communicate with virtual volumes. ESXi hosts bind virtual volumes to protocol endpoints to perform I/O operations. When a virtual machine on the host performs an I/O operation, the associated protocol endpoint directs I/O to the virtual volume with which it is paired.

Protocol endpoints in a NetApp Element cluster function as SCSI administrative logical units. Each protocol endpoint is created automatically by the cluster. For every node in a cluster, a corresponding protocol endpoint is created. For example, a four-node cluster will have four protocol endpoints.

iSCSI is the only supported protocol for NetApp Element software. Fibre Channel protocol is not supported.

Protocol endpoints cannot be deleted or modified by a user, are not associated with an account, and cannot be added to a volume access group.

On the VVols > Protocol Endpoints page of the NetApp Element Management extension point, you can review protocol endpoint information.