Error message for QoSSIOC status

QoSSIOC status for the plug-in displays a warning icon and error message.
Corrective action
  • Unable to reach IP address

    The IP address is invalid or no responses are received. Verify that the address is correct and that the management node is online and available.

  • Unable to communicate

    The IP address can be reached but calls to the address fail. This might indicate that the QoSSIOC service is not running at the specified address or a firewall might be blocking traffic.

  • Unable to connect to the SIOC service

    Open sioc.log in /var/log on the management node (/var/log/solidfire/ on older management nodes) to verify that the SIOC service started successfully. SIOC service startup can take 50 seconds or more. If the service did not start successfully, try again. You can verify the current status of the SIOC service by opening siocStatus.log in /var/log/ on the management node.