Datastore details

You can view the information for all datastores on the cluster on the Datastores page of the Management tab from the NetApp Element Management extension point.

The name assigned to the datastore.
Host Name(s)
The address of each associated host device.
The possible values Accessible or Inaccessible indicate whether or not the datastore is currently connected to vSphere.
The VMware file system datastore type.
Volume Name
The name assigned to the associated volume.
Volume NAA
Globally unique SCSI device identifier for the associated volume in NAA IEEE Registered Extended format.
Total Capacity (GB)
Total formatted capacity of the datastore.
Free Capacity (GB)
Space that is available for the datastore.
QoSSIOC Automation
Indicates whether or not QoSSIOC automation is enabled. Possible values:
  • Enabled: QoSSIOC is enabled.
  • Disabled: QoSSIOC is not enabled.
  • Max Exceeded: Volume Max QoS has exceeded the limit value specified.