Upgrading the management node to version 11.7 from version 11.5

You can perform an in-place upgrade of the management node from 11.5 to version 11.7 without needing to provision a new management node virtual machine.

Before you begin


  1. Mount the management node ISO image and copy the contents to the file system using the following commands:
    sudo mkdir -p /upgrade
    sudo mount <solidfire-fdva-<Element release>-patchX-XX.X.X.XXXX.iso> /mnt
    sudo cp -r /mnt/* /upgrade
  2. Change to the home directory, and unmount the ISO file from /mnt:
    sudo umount /mnt
  3. Delete the ISO to conserve space on the management node:
    sudo rm <path to iso>/solidfire-fdva-<Element release>-patchX-XX.X.X.XXXX.iso
  4. On an 11.5 ( management node, run the following command to upgrade your management node OS version. The script retains all necessary configuration files after the upgrade, such as Active IQ collector and proxy settings.
    sudo /sf/rtfi/bin/sfrtfi_inplace file:///upgrade/casper/filesystem.squashfs sf_upgrade=1
    The management node reboots with a new OS after the upgrade process completes.
  5. On the 11.7 management node, run the redeploy-mnode script to retain previous management services configuration settings:
    Note: The script retains previous management services configuration, including configuration from the Active IQ collector service, controllers (vCenters), or proxy, depending on your settings.
    sudo /sf/packages/mnode/redeploy-mnode -mu <mnode user>