Volume details

You can view volume details on the Volumes page of the Management tab from the NetApp Element Management extension point.

Note: VMware requires 512e for disk resources. If 512e is not enabled, a VMFS cannot be created.
Volume ID
The system-generated ID for the volume.
Volume Name
The name assigned to the volume.
The name of the account assigned to the volume.
Access Groups
The name of the volume access group to which the volume belongs.
The type of access assigned to the volume when it was created.
Possible values:
  • Read/Write: All reads and writes are accepted.
  • Read Only: All read activity allowed; no writes allowed.
  • Locked: Only Administrator access is allowed.
  • ReplicationTarget: Designated as a target volume in a replicated volume pair.
Volume Paired
Indicates whether or not the volume is part of a volume pairing.
Size (GB)
The total size in GB of the volume.
The number of snapshots created for the volume.
QoS Policy
The name of the user-defined QoS policy.
Identifies if 512e is enabled on a volume. The value can be either Yes or No.