vCenter Linked Mode

You can use the NetApp Element Plug-in for vCenter Server to manage cluster resources from other vCenter Servers using vCenter Linked Mode. You can log into any vCenter Server that is part of a Linked Mode group and manage the resources owned by other linked vCenter Servers from a single interface.

The plug-in must be registered with each vCenter Server in the Linked Mode environment that will be using the plug-in. You must complete registration with each vCenter Server using the registration utility for the plug-in. You must also log in one time to the vSphere Web Client for each linked vCenter Server. Logging in initiates installation of the plug-in on the web client.

Best Practices: Manage the cluster from the vCenter Server you associate with the cluster during the Add Cluster configuration process.

Hosts that use Element software-based storage are exclusive to a particular vCenter Server and are not shared between members of a Linked Mode group. Because of this, any storage management tasks for a cluster are limited to the available hosts within a vCenter Server.