Performing VAAI UNMAP

The VAAI UNMAP feature allows a cluster to reclaim freed block space from thinly provisioned VMFS5 datastores.

Before you begin

  1. Ensure that the datastore you are using for the task is VMFS5 or earlier. VAAI UNMAP is unavailable for VMFS6 because ESXi performs the task automatically
  2. Ensure that the ESXi host system settings are enabled for VAAI UNMAP:
    esxcli system settings advanced list -o/VMFS3/EnableBlockDelete
    The integer value must be set to 1 to enable.
  3. If the ESXi host system settings are not enabled for VAAI UNMAP, set the integer value to 1 with this command:
    esxcli system settings advanced set -i 1 -o /VMFS3/EnableBlockDelete


  1. Select NetApp Element Management > Management.
    Note: If two or more clusters are added, ensure that the cluster you intend to use for the task is selected in the navigation bar.
  2. From the Datastores page, select the check box for the datastore on which you want to use VAAI UNMAP.
  3. Click Actions.
  4. In the resulting menu, click VAAI Unmap.
  5. Select a host by name or IP address.
  6. Enter the host user name and password.
  7. Confirm the selections and click OK.