Running tasks

You can view the progress and completion status of running tasks that are being reported by ListSyncJobs and ListBulkVolumeJobs API methods. You can view running tasks on the Running Tasks page of the Reporting tab from the NetApp Element Management extension point.

Task Type
The type of sync job or bulk volume job.
Possible values:
  • block
  • clone
  • read
  • remote
  • slice
  • write

Specifies the ID of the node onto which the clone is being written. This ID is only present if the task type is clone.


List of objects describing sync processes or an array of information for each bulk volume job currently running in the system.

Current Progress

Number of bytes the clone has processed in the source volume. This information is only present if the task type is clone or slice.

Elapsed Time
The time elapsed, in seconds, since the job started.
Remaining Time
Estimated time, in seconds, to complete the operation.