Individual cluster details

You can view detailed information for an individual cluster when you select it and view its details on the Clusters page of the NetApp Element Configuration extension point.

Cluster Name
The name for the cluster.
Unique ID
Unique ID for the cluster.
vCenter IP Address
The IP address or FQDN of the vCenter Server to which the cluster is assigned.
Management Virtual IP
The management virtual IP address (MVIP).
The node that holds the master MVIP address.
Storage Virtual IP
The storage virtual IP address (SVIP).
The node holding the master SVIP address.
Element Version
The version of NetApp Element software that the cluster is running.
VASA 2 Status
The status of the VASA Provider on Element cluster.
VASA Provider URL
The URL of the VASA Provider enabled on the Element cluster, when applicable.
Encryption At Rest Status
The status of Encryption at Rest.
Possible values:
  • Enabling: Encryption at Rest is being enabled.
  • Enabled: Encryption at Rest is enabled.
  • Disabling: Encryption at Rest is being disabled.
  • Disabled: Encryption at Rest is disabled.
Ensemble Nodes
IPs of the nodes that are part of the database ensemble.
Paired With
The names of additional clusters that are paired with the local cluster.
SSH Status
The status of the secure shell. If enabled, the time remaining is displayed.