Choosing how storage capacity decisions are made

When you set up Cloud Manager, you chose to either automate capacity management decisions or to prompt users for approval. You can change the mode at any time.

About this task

Additional cloud resources are required as ONTAP Cloud volumes grow. The capacity management mode determines whether Cloud Manager notifies users of storage capacity decisions or whether Cloud Manager automatically manages capacity requirements for you.


  1. In the upper-right corner of the Cloud Manager console, click the task drop-down list, and then select Settings.
  2. Choose a capacity management mode:
    Choice Action
    You want Cloud Manager to automate storage capacity decisions for users Select Automatic Mode.

    Cloud Manager automatically purchases new disks for ONTAP Cloud instances when more capacity is needed, deletes unused collections of disks (aggregates), and moves volumes between aggregates, as needed.

    Important: When you choose this mode, Cloud Manager allocates the appropriate cloud resources as needed, without asking for your approval.
    You want users to make storage capacity decisions Select Manual Mode.

    Cloud Manager displays Action Required messages when capacity decisions must be made. It is up to the user to accept the actions.

  3. Click Save.


Cloud Manager updates the settings.