Working with AutoSupport

AutoSupport is enabled by default for Cloud Manager and ONTAP Cloud systems. It proactively monitors the health of your systems and sends messages to NetApp technical support. You can change the AutoSupport schedule, download AutoSupport messages for troubleshooting, and send an immediate AutoSupport message to NetApp technical support.


  1. In the upper-right corner of the Cloud Manager console, click the task-drop down list, and then select Support Dashboard.
  2. Work with AutoSupport as follows:
    Task Action
    Change the schedule AutoSupport for Cloud Manager Change the day of week and time of day that Cloud Manager should send AutoSupport messages to NetApp technical support, and then click Save.
    Download an AutoSupport message for Cloud Manager, which includes logs that you or NetApp technical support can use to troubleshoot issues Click Download Now.
    Send an immediate AutoSupport message to NetApp technical support for Cloud Manager or all ONTAP Cloud systems, which you might do at the request of support personnel Click Send Now.
    Disable AutoSupport for Cloud Manager Ensure that Send Cloud Manager support information to NetApp is not selected and then click Save.