Modifying the maximum autosize for volumes

If you need finer control over volume growth, you can modify the maximum size to which volumes can grow. By default, Cloud Manager sets the maximum size to 1,000 percent of a volume's size.

About this task

Cloud Manager sets the autosize mode to grow for all read-write volumes that it creates for ONTAP Cloud and FAS clusters. The grow mode enables a volume to automatically grow when its used space is above the grow threshold, which is 85 percent by default. When a volume reaches the grow threshold, it grows until it reaches the maximum autosize.

The maximum autosize is specified in a percentage, which is the additional amount from a volume's size that it is allowed to grow. For example, 100 percent means the volume can grow up to double its size, 1,000 percent means the volume can grow up to 11 times it size, and 0 percent turns the feature off.

Note: Autosize is disabled for data protection volumes.


  1. In the upper-right corner of the Cloud Manager console, click the task drop-down list, and then select Settings.
  2. Specify the additional amount that volumes can grow by specifying a percentage (0% to 1000%).
  3. Click Save.


Cloud Manager applies the maximum autosize value to new volumes.