Why you should link a tenant to your NetApp Support Site account

Cloud Manager prompts you to enter NetApp Support Site credentials for a tenant because it uses the credentials to manage licenses for ONTAP Cloud BYOL systems, to register pay-as-you-go instances for support, and to upgrade ONTAP Cloud software.

License management for BYOL systems

Linking a tenant to your NetApp Support Site account is required if you plan to launch BYOL instances in a tenant. Cloud Manager uses your account to obtain license files from NetApp and installs them on ONTAP Cloud BYOL systems. The NetApp Support Site account must be authorized to access the serial numbers of the ONTAP Cloud BYOL systems in the tenant.

Support registration for pay-as-you-go instances

While entering an account is not required to launch pay-as-you-go instances, it is highly recommended because Cloud Manager automatically registers new pay-as-you-go instances for support.

Software upgrades

Entering a NetApp Support Site account also enables ONTAP Cloud software upgrades directly from Cloud Manager for both pay-as-you-go and BYOL instances.

NetApp Support Site account requirements

Each NetApp Support Site account that you link to a tenant must be a NetApp customer-level account (not a guest or temp account). For the AWS GovCloud (US) region, the NetApp Support Site account must be a secure account. If you do not have an account, you can create one from the NetApp Support Site.

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