OnCommand Cloud Manager overview

OnCommand Cloud Manager enables you to deploy ONTAP Cloud systems, which provide enterprise-class features for your cloud storage, and to easily replicate data across hybrid clouds built on NetApp.

When you set up Cloud Manager in standard Amazon Web Services (AWS) regions, you can choose between two management views: the Storage System View and the Volume View. The Storage System View is the default view for Microsoft Azure and the AWS GovCloud (US) region.

Storage System View

You can use Cloud Manager in this view to have full control of ONTAP Cloud systems:

Volume View

The Volume View enables you to simply specify the NFS volumes that you need in AWS and then Cloud Manager handles the rest: it deploys ONTAP Cloud systems as needed and it makes capacity allocation decisions as volumes grow. This view gives you the benefits of enterprise-class storage in the cloud with very little storage management.

Where to deploy Cloud Manager

Cloud Manager can run in the cloud or in your network—it just needs a connection to the networks in which you want to deploy ONTAP Cloud systems.

The following image shows Cloud Manager running in AWS and managing ONTAP Cloud systems in AWS and Azure. It also shows data replication across a hybrid cloud.

Shows the components that Cloud Manager can manage in Amazon Web Services: a ONTAP Cloud instance serving EBS storage to EC2 compute and a NetApp Private Storage configuration serving data to EC2 compute.