ONTAP Cloud HA for AWS

An ONTAP Cloud high availability (HA) configuration provides nondisruptive operations and fault tolerance in AWS.

HA components

ONTAP Cloud HA configurations include the following components:

Storage takeover and giveback

If a node goes down, the other node can serve data for its partner to provide continued data service. Clients can access the same data from the partner node because the data was synchronously mirrored to the partner.

After the node reboots, the partner must resync data before it can return the storage. The time that it takes to resync data depends on how much data was changed while the node was down.


An ONTAP Cloud HA configuration maintains high availability of your data as follows:

HA deployment models

You can ensure the high availability of your data by deploying an ONTAP Cloud HA configuration across multiple Availability Zones (AZs) or in a single AZ.

You should review more details about each configuration to choose which best fits your needs.