How the Volume View works

The Volume View simplifies storage management in AWS: you specify the NFS volume that you need and Cloud Manager creates ONTAP Cloud systems and makes storage capacity decisions as volumes grow.

The following image shows how you interact with Cloud Manager in the Volume View:

This is a conceptual image of how the Volume View works. There are four callouts. The number 1 points to volumes. The number 2 points to ONTAP Cloud storage systems and the underlying EBS storage. Number 3 points to volumes available to hosts. Number 4 points to ONTAP Cloud systems and the underlying storage.

  1. You create NFS volumes.
  2. Cloud Manager launches ONTAP Cloud instances in AWS for new volumes or it creates volumes on existing instances. It also purchases physical EBS storage for the volumes.
  3. You make the volumes available to your hosts and applications.
  4. Cloud Manager makes capacity allocation decisions as your volumes grow.

This means that you simply need to interact with volumes (the box on the left), while Cloud Manager interacts with the storage system and its underlying storage (the box on the right).