Setting up Cloud Manager in the Storage System View

You should set up Cloud Manager in the Storage System View if you want full control of ONTAP Cloud systems.

About this task

If you recently deployed Cloud Manager from the AWS Marketplace or the Azure Marketplace, the Cloud Manager console should be available a few minutes after the instance or virtual machine starts.


  1. Open a web browser and enter the following URL: https://ipaddress:port
    ipaddress can be localhost, a private IP address, or a public IP address, depending on the configuration of the Cloud Manager host. For example, if Cloud Manager is in the public cloud without a public IP address, you must enter a private IP address from a host that has a connection to the Cloud Manager host.
    port is required if you changed the default HTTP (80) or HTTPS (443) ports. For example, if the HTTPS port was changed to 8443, you would enter https://ipaddress:8443
    After you enter the URL, the Cloud Manager Setup wizard appears. For example, the following displays if you installed Cloud Manager in AWS or in your network:

    Screen shot: Shows the welcome page to the Cloud Manager Setup wizard.

  2. Complete the steps in the Setup wizard:
    On this page... Do this...
    1. If Cloud Manager is in AWS or in your network, click Storage System View.
    2. Click Set up new Cloud Manager.
    Proxy Setup If the host does not have access to the Internet, enter the location to a proxy server using the syntax http://address:port and specify a user name and password if basic authentication is required for the server.

    If your corporate policies dictate that you use a proxy server for all HTTP communication to the Internet, then you must configure Cloud Manager to use that proxy server. The proxy server can be in the cloud or in your network.

    Let us know who you are Specify your site and company name.
    Create an admin user Specify details to create an administrator user for Cloud Manager. You use this user account to log in to Cloud Manager. Your user name is your email address. Cloud Manager does not send emails to this address.
    Cloud Provider Permissions Specify the cloud provider permissions that Cloud Manager needs to perform actions on your behalf. The permissions are for the Cloud Manager administrator user account.

    Granting AWS permissions to Cloud Manager

    Granting Azure permissions to Cloud Manager

    Note the following:
    • AWS keys are not required if you associated the Cloud Manager instance with an IAM role.
    • To see AWS storage and compute costs in Cloud Manager, specify an S3 bucket that contains detailed billing reports.

      Setting up AWS billing and cost management

    Create your first tenant Enter a name, description, and cost center for your first tenant.
    NetApp Support Site credentials Enter credentials for a NetApp Support Site account.
    Review Keep automatic updates enabled to make sure that you are running the latest version, read and accept the End User License Agreement, choose a capacity management mode, and then click Go.

    Note the following about the capacity management modes:

    • To automate storage capacity decisions, choose Automatic Mode.

      Cloud Manager automatically purchases new cloud storage for ONTAP Cloud instances when more capacity is needed, deletes unused collections of disks (aggregates), and moves volumes between aggregates, as needed.

      Important: In Automatic Mode, Cloud Manager allocates the appropriate cloud resources as needed, without asking for approval.
    • If you want users to make those decisions, then choose Manual Mode.

      Cloud Manager displays Action Required messages when capacity decisions must be made. It is up to the user to accept the actions.

After you finish

Continue setting up Cloud Manager by doing the following:
  • Installing an HTTPS certificate for secure access
  • Setting up Cloud Manager to work with Active Directory user accounts
  • Creating additional tenants
  • Creating user accounts so that other users can access Cloud Manager
  • Setting up Cloud Manager so that users can use ONTAP Cloud encryption in AWS