Creating a Cloud Manager virtual machine in Azure

You can use the Cloud Manager virtual machine image from the Azure Marketplace to deploy Cloud Manager in Azure. This gives you access to the Cloud Manager software, which is automatically installed on the virtual machine.


  1. Go to the Azure Marketplace page for Cloud Manager.
  2. Click Get it now and then click Continue.
  3. From the Azure portal, click Create and follow the steps to configure the virtual machine.
    Note the following:
    • Cloud Manager can perform optimally with either HDD or SSD disks.
    • You should choose one of the recommended virtual machine sizes.

      Cloud Manager software requirements

    • It is best to keep the default selection of a new network security group. This new security group includes the required inbound and outbound rules for Cloud Manager.
  4. Review your selections and click OK.

    Screen shot: Shows an example of the settings when deploying OnCommand Cloud Manager in Microsoft Azure.

  5. Click Purchase.


Azure launches the virtual machine with the specified settings. The virtual machine and Cloud Manager software should be running in approximately five minutes.

After you finish

Log in to Cloud Manager by using a web browser and complete the Setup wizard.