Launching a Cloud Manager instance in a standard AWS region

You can use the Cloud Manager AMI from the AWS Marketplace to launch an EC2 instance in a standard AWS region (a region other than the AWS GovCloud (US) region). This gives you access to the Cloud Manager software, which is automatically installed on the instance.

Before you begin


  1. Go to the Cloud Manager page on the AWS Marketplace.
  2. Click Continue.
  3. Launch the instance from the 1-Click Launch tab or the Custom Launch tab, depending on how you want to grant AWS permissions to Cloud Manager:
    Choice Steps
    You do not want to associate the instance with an IAM role. You want to specify AWS keys for each Cloud Manager user account.
    1. On the 1-Click Launch tab, specify settings for the instance. Note the following:
      • The t2.medium instance type is supported.
      • Under security group, select Create new based on seller settings to create a pre-defined security group that includes the rules required by Cloud Manager.
    2. Click Accept Terms and Launch with 1-Click.
    You want to associate the instance with an IAM role.
    1. On the Custom Launch tab, click Launch with EC2 Console for your region.
    2. Choose the t2.medium instance type.
    3. Select a VPC, subnet, IAM role, and other configuration options that meet your requirements.
    4. Keep the default storage options.
    5. Enter tags for the instance, if desired.
    6. Specify the required connection methods for the Cloud Manager instance: SSH, HTTP, and HTTPS.
    7. Click Launch.


AWS launches the software with the specified settings. The Cloud Manager instance and software should be running in approximately five minutes.

After you finish

Log in to Cloud Manager by using a web browser and complete the Setup wizard.