Enabling programmatic deployments of ONTAP Cloud in Azure

Before users can deploy ONTAP Cloud in Azure, you must enable programmatic deployments for each Azure subscription. Cloud Manager deploys ONTAP Cloud using API calls, so programmatic deployments must be enabled.

Before you begin

Your Azure user account must have at least the Contributor role to enable programmatic deployments. If you do not have the appropriate permissions, contact the administrator of your Azure subscription.

About this task

You must use Cloud Manager to deploy ONTAP Cloud systems. You must not deploy ONTAP Cloud systems from the Azure portal.


  1. Go to the Azure Marketplace page for ONTAP Cloud.
  2. Click Get it now, select the PAYGo or BYOL offering, and click Continue.

    Screen shot: Shows the drop-down list that you can use to select either ONTAP Cloud PayGo or ONTAP Cloud BYOL in the Azure Marketplace.

  3. From the Azure portal, click Want to deploy programmatically?

    Screen shot: Shows the Want to deploy programmatically option in Microsoft Azure.

  4. Click Enable for each Azure subscription from which you want to deploy ONTAP Cloud.

    Screen shot: Shows how to enable programmatic deployment for a subscription in Microsoft Azure.

  5. Click Save.
  6. If you want to deploy both ONTAP Cloud BYOL and PAYGo, repeat the steps for the other offering.


After you create Cloud Manager user accounts and provide the appropriate Azure credentials, users can deploy ONTAP Cloud from Cloud Manager.