Preparing your Azure environment

Your Microsoft Azure environment must meet a few requirements so that Cloud Manager and ONTAP Cloud operate correctly in Azure.

Before you begin

You should be familiar with Azure networking: Virtual networks (VNets), subnets, and network security groups.

Microsoft Azure Documentation: Virtual Network Overview


  1. Set up your Azure networking.
    At a minimum, your networking must meet the following requirements:
    • The target VNet must have one or more subnets that have outbound internet access.
    • To deploy ONTAP Cloud systems in subnets or networks separate from Cloud Manager, connections between those networks must be in place.
    • To replicate data across a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment, VPN connections between networks must be in place.
  2. Grant the required permissions so Cloud Manager can perform operations in Azure.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions for ONTAP Cloud and enable programmatic deployments from Cloud Manager.