Granting AWS permissions to launch Cloud Manager from the NetApp SaaS portal

In most cases, you should launch Cloud Manager in AWS by using the NetApp SaaS portal. The portal needs credentials for an AWS IAM account to launch the Cloud Manager instance on your behalf. This account must be granted specific AWS permissions.

About this task

Providing the credentials is secure and private—NetApp does not save the credentials. It uses them only to launch the instance.

Cloud Manager has permissions to perform actions in AWS because the SaaS portal creates an IAM policy and an IAM role when you launch the instance. You can review the list of permissions provided by the policy.

What Cloud Manager does with AWS permissions


  1. Download the SaaS portal IAM policy from the following location:
  2. From the IAM console, create your own policy by copying and pasting the text from the Cloud Manager IAM policy.
  3. Attach the policy to the IAM user.


The IAM user now has the permissions needed to launch Cloud Manager from the NetApp SaaS portal.