Provisioning volumes on the second node in an HA configuration

By default, Cloud Manager creates volumes on the first node in an HA configuration. If you need an active-active configuration, in which both nodes serve data to clients, you must create aggregates and volumes on the second node.


  1. On the Working Environments page, double-click the name of the ONTAP Cloud working environment on which you want to manage aggregates.
  2. Click the menu icon and then click Advanced > Advanced allocation.
  3. Click Add Aggregate and then create the aggregate.
    For Home Node, choose the second node in the HA pair.
  4. After Cloud Manager creates the aggregate, select it and then click Create volume.
  5. Enter details for the new volume, and then click Create.

After you finish

You can create additional volumes on this aggregate if required.

Important: When you mount the volume to clients, you must use the floating IP address of the node on which the volume resides.