Finding the encryption key for an aggregate

ONTAP Cloud creates an encryption key for each aggregate on the system and sends it to key managers. You can view the ID for those keys from Cloud Manager. You might do this before you delete an aggregate or an ONTAP Cloud instance, because the keys are not automatically deleted from key managers. You must delete the keys yourself.

Before you begin

You must have enabled ONTAP Cloud encryption when you launched the instance.

About this task

If you want to find the key ID for an aggregate or ONTAP Cloud instance that you already deleted, you can find the information in the Cloud Manager timeline.


  1. In the working environment, click the menu icon, and then click Advanced > Advanced allocation.
  2. Select the aggregate, and then click Info.
    The Key ID field shows the first 12 characters of the encryption key.
  3. To view the entire encryption key, position your cursor over the first 12 characters of the encryption key.
    A tooltip displays the entire contents of the key.
  4. To copy the entire encryption key, double-click the first 12 characters, copy the text to your clipboard, and then paste it in a text editor.