Connecting to the ONTAP Cloud CLI

The ONTAP Cloud CLI enables you to execute all administrative commands and is a good choice for advanced tasks or if you are more comfortable using the CLI. You can connect to the CLI using Secure Shell (SSH).

Before you begin

The host from which you use SSH to connect to ONTAP Cloud must have a network connection to ONTAP Cloud. For example, you might need to use SSH from a jump host in AWS or Azure.
Note: When deployed in multiple AZs, ONTAP Cloud HA configurations use a floating IP address for the cluster management interface, which means external routing is not available. You must connect from a host that is part of the same routing domain.


  1. In Cloud Manager, identify the IP address of the cluster management interface:
    1. On the Working Environments page, double-click the name of the instance.
    2. Click the menu icon and then click Information.
    3. Copy the cluster management IP address:

      Screen shot: Shows the Information page, which provides the cluster management IP address for a Cloud ONTAP system.

  2. Use SSH to connect to the cluster management interface IP address using the admin account.
    The following image shows an example using PuTTY:

    Screen shot: Shows the PuTTY application in which admin@ is entered in the Host Name field, 22 is entered in the Port field, and SSH is selected as the Connection type.

  3. At the login prompt, enter the password for the admin account.
    Password: ********