Connecting to OnCommand System Manager

You might need to perform some ONTAP Cloud tasks from OnCommand System Manager, which is a browser-based management tool that runs on the ONTAP Cloud system. For example, you need to use System Manager if you want to create LUNs.

Before you begin

The computer from which you are accessing Cloud Manager must have a network connection to ONTAP Cloud. For example, you might need to log in to Cloud Manager from a jump host in AWS or Azure.
Note: When deployed in multiple AZs, ONTAP Cloud HA configurations use a floating IP address for the cluster management interface, which means external routing is not available. You must connect from a host that is part of the same routing domain.


  1. From the Working Environments page, double-click the ONTAP Cloud system that you want to manage with System Manager.
  2. Click the menu icon, and then click Advanced > System Manager.
  3. Click Launch.
    System Manager loads in a new browser tab.
  4. At the login screen, enter admin in the User Name field, enter the password that you specified when you created the working environment, and then click Sign In.


The System Manager console loads. You can now use it to manage ONTAP Cloud.