Moving to an alternate ONTAP Cloud configuration

If you want to move between a pay-as-you-go subscription and a BYOL subscription or between a single ONTAP Cloud system and an ONTAP Cloud HA pair, you can deploy a new system and then replicate data from the existing system to the new system.


  1. Create a new ONTAP Cloud working environment.
  2. If you chose an ONTAP Cloud pay-as-you-go license and the tenant does not have a NetApp Support Site account assigned to it, manually register the systems with NetApp.
    Support from NetApp is included with ONTAP Cloud. To activate support, you must first register the system with NetApp.
  3. Set up one-time data replication between the systems for each volume that you must replicate.
  4. Terminate the ONTAP Cloud system that you no longer need by deleting the original working environment.