Upgrading or downgrading ONTAP Cloud by using an HTTP or FTP server

You can place the ONTAP Cloud software image on an HTTP or FTP server and then initiate the software update from Cloud Manager. You might use this option if Cloud Manager cannot access the S3 bucket to upgrade the software or if you want to downgrade the software.

About this task

This upgrade or downgrade process takes up to 25 minutes for a single ONTAP Cloud system and up to 90 minutes for an HA pair. Upgrades and downgrades of HA pairs are nondisruptive. HA pairs continue to serve data during the process.


  1. Set up an HTTP server or FTP server that can host the ONTAP Cloud software image.
    If you have a VPN connection to the VPC, you can place the ONTAP Cloud software image on an HTTP server or FTP server in your own network. Otherwise, you must place the file on an HTTP server or FTP server in AWS.
  2. If you use your own security group for ONTAP Cloud instances, ensure that the outbound rules allow HTTP or FTP connections so ONTAP Cloud can access the software image.
    Note: The predefined ONTAP Cloud security group allows outbound HTTP and FTP connections by default.
  3. Obtain the software image.
  4. Copy the software image to the directory on the HTTP or FTP server from which the file will be served.
  5. From the working environment in Cloud Manager, click the menu icon, and then click Advanced > Update ONTAP Cloud software.
  6. On the Update ONTAP Cloud software page, choose Select an image available from a URL, enter the URL, and then click Change Image.
  7. Click Proceed to confirm.


Cloud Manager starts the software update. You can perform actions on the working environment once the software update is complete.

After you finish

If you suspended SnapMirror transfers, use System Manager to resume the transfers.