Modifying the CIFS server

If you change your DNS servers or Active Directory domain, you need to modify the CIFS server in ONTAP Cloud so that it can continue to serve storage to clients.


  1. From the working environment, click the menu icon and then click Advanced > CIFS setup.
  2. Specify settings for the CIFS server:
    Field Description
    DNS Primary and Secondary IP Address The IP addresses of the DNS servers that provide name resolution for the CIFS server.

    The listed DNS servers must contain the service location records (SRV) needed to locate the Active Directory LDAP servers and domain controllers for the domain that the CIFS server will join.

    Active Directory Domain to join The FQDN of the Active Directory (AD) domain that you want the CIFS server to join.
    Credentials authorized to join the domain The name and password of a Windows account with sufficient privileges to add computers to the specified Organizational Unit (OU) within the AD domain.
    CIFS server NetBIOS name A CIFS server name that is unique in the AD domain.
    Organizational Unit The organizational unit within the AD domain to associate with the CIFS server. The default is CN=Computers.
    DNS Domain The DNS domain for the ONTAP Cloud Storage Virtual Machine (SVM). In most cases, the domain is the same as the AD domain.
  3. Click Save.


ONTAP Cloud updates the CIFS server with the changes.