Moving volumes to another aggregate to avoid capacity issues

You can move one or more volumes to another aggregate to avoid capacity issues.

Before you begin

You should have identified the volumes that you need to move.

Identifying how to correct capacity issues

About this task

You can follow the steps in this task to correct the following Action Required message:

Moving two or more volumes is necessary to avoid capacity issues; however, Cloud Manager cannot perform this action for you.


  1. Verify whether an existing aggregate has available capacity for the volumes that you need to move:
    1. In the working environment, click the menu icon, and then click Advanced > Advanced allocation.
    2. Select each aggregate, click Info, and then view the available capacity (aggregate capacity minus used aggregate capacity).

      Screen shot: Shows the total aggregate capacity and used aggregate capacity avialable in the aggregate information dialog box.

  2. If needed, add disks to an existing aggregate:
    1. Select the aggregate, and then click Add disks.
    2. Select the number of disks to add, and then click Add.
  3. If no aggregates have available capacity, create a new aggregate.
  4. Use System Manager or the CLI to move the volumes to the aggregate.
    In most situations, you can use System Manager to move volumes.
    For instructions, see the ONTAP 9 Volume Move Express Guide .