What to do after using Cloud Manager

After you set up ONTAP Cloud and you start replicating data to and from the cloud, you might want to manage and protect your data with other NetApp storage software, or get help with ONTAP Cloud.

You can perform the following tasks and use the following resources for help:
Tasks Resources
Identify the NetApp storage software supported with ONTAP Cloud NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool
Activate and configure a destination SnapMirror volume for data access ONTAP 9 Volume Disaster Recovery Express Guide
Restore a volume from a SnapVault backup ONTAP 9 Volume Restore Using SnapVault Express Guide
Review release-specific information (known issues, limitations, and so on) for Cloud Manager and ONTAP Cloud

OnCommand Cloud Manager 3.2 Release Notes

Find the Release Notes for your version of ONTAP Cloud

Get help

NetApp ONTAP Cloud Support

NetApp Community: Hybrid Cloud